from a basic business to a bold, fierce brand in just SEVERAL weeks

Grab hold of your dream to own a wildly sought-after serviced based business without sacrificing all your time & energy trying to build it yourself.

View Studio Co is a creative space, tailored for lifestyle and creative entrepreneurs out to build the view they always wanted. So much thought, time and intention goes into every single design we create. We ensure each project effectively communicates each brand's own story. Our passion is helping other small creative business owners thrive in their own business.

Are you tired of trying to DIY your website, and wondering “How in the world you’ll ever have an on-brand website?”  

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world has their branding figured out and you’re stuck trying to just get through the basics of running a business (without losing your mind)?

do You struggle with what your vision is for your branding and convertING IT to real life?

are you tired of trying a million different templates only to feel like you never actually find one that’s perfect for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS? (Been there, felt that) Its time for a change, and we’re making it happen.

Ready to stop wasting so much time DIYing everything trying to turn cold leads into paying clients? Because let’s be real—there’s approximately 900 other things on your plate that deserve your attention.

Do any of these questions relate to you?

IMAGINE FOR A moment IF YOU HAD THE branding YOU NEEDED TO elevate YOUR business TO NEW heights, WHERE YOUR ARE WILDY IN demand AND sought-after.

How it works


2. book a welcome call

3. proposal + contract

We'll first decide if we're a good fit for each other. You'll complete the client application and answer some questions to help us learn more about your project needs.

After you complete a series of questions, and we determine we're a good fit, we'll set up a welcome call. We'll get to know each other, and talk about your visions, goals, and what you're looking to achieve.

Once we have completed our welcome call, we'll send over the investment guide, packages, contract, and invoice.






web design

branding and web design

The standard branding package builds the foundation for your brand. It contains the beginning building blocks to your overall goal of starting your business. We'll start with a creative direction that leads to a bold, powerful brand you'll be so proud of.

The premium web design package builds your digital home from the ground up. Your new website will be clean, timeless, bold, with a powerful punch your clients will love. We use Showit for Services and Shopify for Ecommerce. This package is for clients of mine who have already received branding through View Studio Co. 

The Deluxe Package builds your entire brand and digital presence so you can feel confident in your brand. The entire foundation of your brand will be built, starting with everything from your logo to your brand images. Next, the digital home for which your brand lays will be built from the ground up. Your logo, color palette, typography, brand images, and more will be shown off throughout your brand new, dream website. We'll design a brand that not only converts visitors into clients, but that you'll be so in love with, you'll want to show it off to everyone you know.



We believe that in every good design is incredible photography. It is a feature we don't believe should be left out. This is why we have it added to your web design package. It is a vital portion of your business and should be a focal point in your end goal. Please visit the link to learn more.



Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

We specialize in Showit for services and Shopify for Ecommerce. Showit is completely drag and drop, which is a GAME changer! This means YOU can adjust your site anytime after your design is complete. Yes, that means no more headaches of coding. Shopify provides all the tools to sell, ship, and process payments, as well as finding clients and driving sales.

Yes! I offer 30% non-refundable retainer, 35% at the start of your project, and 35% at the end before you final files are delivered.

We take pride in each and every design we make. Each process is different, but our standard time is 4-6 weeks.

Yes, we use Shopify for e-commerce websites! If you have a service based business with a small amount of products, we can also integrate Shopify lite on your Showit website.

We will let you know when the start state begins at the time of booking. Typically it will take 2-4 weeks prior to starting.

Copywriting is absolutely essential to your business and design. We recommend working with a copywriter prior to working with us, as copy always comes before design takes place. There are great copywriters we know and will share if you need recommendations. If this is out of budget for you, we have prompts that will guide you through the process. This way you'll have a basic setup of copy for your website. Please note, the prompts will only help you through the web design process. We always recommend working with a copywriter first.

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